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Eliminating uncertainty in the tech & innovation landscape.

By 2027, around 50% of the companies currently on the Fortune 500 list will be replaced.

To stay afloat and stay ahead, large companies need to innovate faster and better than ever before.

But with the information overflow as well saturation of new emerging tech and innovations, how can business leaders make smart decisions with certainty and accuracy?

This is where Catapult comes in as the catalyst of change and growth for industry’s largest players. The era smart research is here. 

Data-driven and AI-powered Intelligent Tech Research

validated by our world-class data analysts

Tech Research

Find out what is going on in your industry with the fastest growing industry verticals.

Stay ahead of other industry players through competitor analysis.

Tech Research

Discover the most relevant tech & innovations in your interest area.

Find and meet tech companies for partnerships, investments or acquisitions.

Why are our customers happy?

Or how exactly do we deliver quality, high accuracy and fast speed in the Tech Research tailored specifically to your needs?

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Built with human and artificial intelligence

We are proud of our unique approach in combining the state-of-the art AI methods and the irreplaceable expertise of our data analysts. This smart research methodology has proven a significant rise in quality compared to using either one alone.

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Extensive data pool = Accurate research results

Comprehensive and unbiased research always requires a large data-set to work with. We analyze a data-pool of 1M+ companies in tech & innovation and up to 150 data-points per company from various data sources. That’s about 45 million data-points!

We are only as good as our customers say we are


of all introduced tech companies are confirmed to be great matches by our partners


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Made in Finland, born to be global

We are a team of business minds, techies, data analysts, growth hackers and visionaries. Diverse, fast-growing and madly ambitious. Join the ride?!

Make smarter decisions.

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