We are Catapulters.

We strongly believe that behind every success story there are people and their ambition to get things done and scale the company together.

We are looking for you, superstar.

Are you excited to work in a fast growing tech company alongside incredibly talented business minds, developers, data analysts and growth hackers?

Do you want to be the first one to know what’s going on in the tech market across virtually any industries?

Are you motivated to partner with Europe’s largest corporates and help them solve their most pressing innovation challenges?

Catapulter's DNA

Diversity in everything

We take pride in being a diverse team (check out the map below to see what cultures are represented in Catapult)! Diversity comes in different shapes – we also love leveraging various opinions and styles. Sparring (intellectually!) is always welcomed.

Trust and transparency

We put immense trust in every Catapulter. Each team member has the ownership over their own product/project. Transparency, open communication, inclusion and the ability to impact decisions is what we build on at Catapult. 

The culture of experimentation

Our team members are encouraged and applauded for testing and experimenting. In constant search for more optimal ways to do things, our team is given the freedom to go through the constant try-fail-learn cycle!

Made in Finland, born to be global.

Different cultural backgrounds in Catapult

We've got you covered

Flexibility in working remotely
Friendly, supportive, low-hierarchy, culturally-diverse team
Competitive salary
Development Team Days 4 times a year
An office located in the Helsinki centre
Learning opportunities for professional growth
"I love the spirit and the energy the team gives me."
Duy Nguyen
Data Analyst

Join the ride!

Our biggest mission is to help businesses create success stories. The question is – will you help us create ours?!