What is Catapult?

We assist you in decision making.

Our two products, Innopipe and the Tech & Innovation Research are both created to help you take that next step towards innovation.

As people, we strive for constant learning and growth. As a company, we aim to help others experience that growth.

No matter what, we’ll help you innovate.

We are Catapult

Story time

The idea for Catapult sparked in 2014 by Paavo Beckman & Mikael Juntunen.

The two of them met each other at an event in Silicon Valley. They had both been active in the startup & entrepreneurship scene for a while and decided to partner up.

The initial idea for Catapult was to bring startups and corporations together, as the original name Startup Catapult suggests.

Catapult was launched in 2017 and started off its operations with Mikael, Paavo and two employees.

Since then, the team has grown in size and Catapult has expanded its services.

In 2020,  Catapult managed to launch Innopipe – a company discovery platform.

Today Catapult works with some of the biggest and brightest corporations out there, assisting them in areas of tech and innovation.

(And yes, that’s Mikael & Paavo in 2014 😄)

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