Top trends in construction 2023

Recent trends in construction focus on using positioning and tracking technologies for precise measurement and monitoring of assets, digital modeling and simulation, and more effective project management within construction.

Other noteworthy developments focus on novel composite materials to replace hard-to-source or carbon-intensive raw materials, in addition to sustainability and safety considerations.

After investigating the industry from multiple different perspectives, we’ve noticed these 5 main areas:

Design & planning




Materials & components

Investment in construction

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Global € investment in construction. Data from Catapult’s datapool. (Hover to see investment amounts)

The investment in construction has not been that constant throughout the recent years. However, we can really see a difference in 2020-2021. The investment doubles in one year, from €2.3B to €5B. (hover to see investment amounts)

2021 & 2022 ware tremendous years of change in construction and the same trend seems to continue with investment reaching €1.2B within the first 2 months of 2023. The industry is changing rapidly and the only way to stay on top of trends is to constantly analyse the market and be agile.

Let’s dive deeper into these trends!

Design & planning

The design and planning in construction is one of the main areas that has seen a huge growth in the recent years. Developments in technology has provided new efficient ways of accurately designing and planning a full-scale project.

These are the five main areas within design & planning that have received the most interest:


As the backbone of construction, improving logistics can make the world of difference to a project. Not much can be done if a crucial delivery is delayed. And as the old saying goes, time is money.

Thankfully, technology has brought us ways to tackle such issues. Here are three examples on solving issues with logistics in construction:


The safety market is becoming more crucial than ever. The reasons for this range from providing a better working environment for workers to reducing cost by preventing damages, and complying with the regulations.

With an increased number of construction and manufacturing projects, workers will be more exposed to safety risks, invariably escalating the chance of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. That’s why it’s paramount that adequate interventions be implemented to mitigate the increased safety risk.

Here are three interesting ways of tackling these issues:


An important topic across industries. Many players in construction are working towards a more sustainable way of operating overall to please stakeholders.

Here are five areas that have gained attraction recently:

Case study - Construction

Check out how we helped YIT gain a deeper understanding on the innovations around construction materials and energy production.

Materials & components

last but not least, the materials and components used in construction have gone through a transformation.

Whether it is to do with technology and connectivity or tied more to the sustainability side, the materials used have received more attention in recent years.

These are the five areas in which interest has been the greatest:

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