Case study

Construction technology market research for YIT

This research was conducted for YIT, the largest construction company in Finland.

This research was conducted to help YIT investigate the construction technology market, specifically focusing on the construction materials, aiming for green growth and carbon reduction.

Research challenge for edtech

The challenge

Moving construction towards green growth and carbon reduction

The process

An overview of the 8 weeks research process

The outcome

A construction market research, with a special focus on construction materials and energy production

The challenge

YIT was looking for solutions that help with green growth and carbon reduction in construction projects. 

In the big picture, YIT wanted a deeper understanding on the innovations around construction materials and energy production.

green construction

The focus areas

The focus was on these two topics.

Innovative materials in the construction industry

Construction materials

  • Substitutes for traditional construction materials
  • Smart construction materials
  • Upcycle & Recycle
Energy production in the construction industry

Energy production

  • Decentralised Energy Production

The process

Week 1

The definition of the interest and development area for research.

Week 2
Kickoff workshop

An interview-based workshop with the client in order to define the research focus area. The research team builds & verifies the research description & criteria.

Weeks 3-7
Research implementation

The Catapult research team gathers, analyses & validates data based on the set criteria. Midway check-ups for updates and clarifications are set to steer the research forward.

Week 8
Research delivery

Presentation of the comprehensive research results.

The outcome

As an outcome, YIT received a market research on construction technology, with attention on specific areas based on their wishes.

business tech and Innovation market research


Investment landscape and general information about the construction industry

Innovative materials in the construction industry

Construction materials landscape

An overview on the construction materials landscape

Energy production in the construction industry

Energy production landscape

An overview on the energy production landscape


Detailed case examples from the interest areas

A few highlighted verticals


  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Large Scale 3D-Printing

Real Estate Technology

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Construction Quality Assurance
  • Connectivity


  • Robotics & automation
  • Process Optimisation

Clean Tech

  • Modular Integrated Construction
  • Sustainable materials & processes


With the project, YIT was able to gain a comprehensive overview of the construction technology market and delve into the energy production and construction materials areas according to its own needs.

The project outcome has contributed to YIT’s roadmap in developing its own system for making sustainable housing and living easy for people, companies and society.

It’s a great honour to be a part of YIT’s journey to create better living environments.

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