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The energy industry is currently going through an enormous shift. Below is a landscape to help you understand the big picture better.

The energy sector landscape examples

We’ve scanned through the energy industry from over 60 unique perspectives for our customers. Throught this extensive research, we have recognised these 7 main emerging areas within the energy sector. Below are some examples of what those could mean.

The energy sector landscape

The energy industry has been going through big changes. Here are the main areas that we’ve recognised through extensive research on the topic.


Energy storage refers to the capture and retention of energy in a form that can be accessed and used at a later time. Energy storage technologies are becoming increasingly important as renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power become more widespread, and can help to address issues of intermittency and variability in these sources.

Hot topics within energy storage


Decentralised grids, AKA Distributed Energy Systems (DES), are small-scale power generation systems located close to the point of consumption, which increase energy security, resilience, and access to electricity, particularly in rural or remote areas, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Hot topics within decentralised grids


Several factors are currently shaping energy production, including the transition to renewable energy sources, increasing demand, energy storage technologies, and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as technological advancements, government policies, and changing consumer preferences.

Hot topics within energy production


Maintenance in the energy industry is influenced by factors such as increasing complexity, improving safety and reliability, optimising asset performance, and the growing use of digital technologies, especially in renewable energy sources.

Hot topics within maintenance


Advancements in heating & cooling are influenced by factors such as energy efficiency, renewable sources, smart HVAC systems, and innovative materials, along with regulations and changing consumer behaviour.

Hot topics within heating & cooling


The energy industry is currently focusing on several topics related to customer engagement, including improving customer experience through digital channels and personalised offerings, increasing customer participation in demand response and energy efficiency programs, promoting electric vehicles and home energy management systems, and enhancing customer education and awareness on energy conservation and sustainability.

Hot topics within customer engagement


The energy industry’s sustainability efforts are geared towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency, promoting circular economy practices, and enhancing environmental and social governance. The industry is also collaborating with stakeholders and customers to achieve sustainable development goals and ensure a transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient energy system.

Hot topics within sustainability

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