Innovation in Work Zone Protection and 4 Major Trends in 2020

Innovation in Work Zone Safety

Work zone protection and the safety market are becoming more crucial than ever in Europe. The reasons for this range from providing a better working environment for workers to reducing cost by preventing damages, and complying with the regulations.

With an increased number of construction and manufacturing projects, workers will be more exposed to safety risks, invariably escalating the chance of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. That’s why it’s paramount that adequate interventions be implemented to mitigate the increased safety risk.

The emerging tech companies have provided innovative solutions across the industries. Work zone safety is no exception. The market has expanded dramatically since 2010 when the concept of work zone protection started to gain attraction.

A Twofold Increase in Value

Since 2010, €6.84Bn has been invested by 382 companies in the EU, Israel and North America combined.

The study focused primarily on companies founded after 2010. There has been a steady growth in company investment in work zone safety since that time.

Additionally, the average value per deal has increased. For example, in 2018, 95 deals were made in the North American market totalling €638.06M, and while only 91 deals were made in the same market in 2019, their total value was €1303.92M – a twofold increase.

Investments and deals made every year in North America, Europe and Israel since 2010

4 Innovative Ways of Improving Work Zone Safety

IoT based vehicle tracking

IoT sensors collect and process data.


Autonomous machines carry out tasks without risking the safety of workers.

Logistic management software

Provide an easier way to track and monitor resources.

Access control

Access control provides a solution to monitoring the workzone.

1. IoT based vehicle tracking

The tracking of movements of goods and resources is an integral part of the work zone security. IoT-based vehicle tracking increases the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the operations by utilizing sensors and cameras.

This provides a platform for analysing and monitoring a company’s workflow. Warehousing and intralogistics operations have been improved with the help of autonomous vehicles.

2. Automation

Often the safety of workers can be significantly improved by eliminating dangerous tasks partially or even completely. The use of autonomous mobile robots designed to improve warehousing and intralogistics operations is a major topic of interest and has seen significant disruption in processes.

The vision processing technology designed for autonomous vehicles is also an interesting area regarding work zone safety.

3. Logistic management software

Smart logistics and asset management software provides on-demand real-time visibility, tracking, and condition monitoring for goods and assets in-transit and in-field.

These can be highly beneficial for the safety of resources for any organization. Fleet management software that connects vehicle drivers to fleet managers also plays a significant role in this area.

4. Access control

Access to the work zone has been an area of high interest for a long time. With modern technologies, access control has also become a hot trend in work zone safety.

Unified access control systems connected to hardware that gives end-users access to buildings and offices are becoming increasingly popular. Visitor access management is as crucial as worker access management.


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