Innovation Review: Healthcare Tech

What is Healthcare Tech?

Modern technology is advancing every aspect of human life. One of the most precious assets of a person, their health, is no stranger to these advancements. From real-time diagnoses aided by machine learning to advanced health record maintenance software that transmit patient data from a distance, Healthcare tech affects the lives of every single one of us.

How does Healthcare Tech affect the corporate world?

Even though the Healthcare sector appears to be the playground of only large corporations, an increasing number of new innovation companies are coming up with disruptive technologies. 

Just like any other industry, it is essential for large corporations to handshake with these new companies to either utilise their offerings or invent new solutions together.

Here’s a few ways the corporate world is innovating in healthcare tech.

  • Apple – Apple announced three cutting-edge studies — on women’s health, heart health and noise exposure — in conjunction with leading medical institutions. More than 400,000 Apple Watch users have agreed to participate. 
  • Google – By collaborating with doctors in the US and abroad, Google has already developed an algorithm that can diagnose diabetic retinopathy in images at a level of accuracy likened to that of board-certified ophthalmologists.
  • Microsoft – In recent years, Microsoft set up a health department in its Cambridge research lab to use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing to enter healthcare. Patient monitoring solutions as well as diabetes research were areas of focus for the tech giant looking to improve healthcare.

Companies to watch in the Healthcare Tech space.

      • Outcome Health: Provider of an actionable health intelligence platform designed to activate the best health outcome possible. The company’s platform offers exam room technologies that engages patients and caregivers as they wait to see their provider, delivers intelligence to the consultation so that providers can better communicate conditions and treatment options, engages patients with clinical trial education at the moment of care and delivers practice information, condition & treatment options and health assessments, enabling patients and physicians to make the best healthcare decision possible.


    • XchangeLabs: The company primarily operates in the Software industry. XchangeLabs was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Richardson, TX.


    • Causalus (Finnish): Developer of medical software intended to support drug evaluation and monitoring. The company’s platform distinguishes and visualizes symptoms caused by drugs and the actual illness, medication follow-up, standardized drug therapy, enabling clients to minimize harmful adverse effects of medication.

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