your usual CRM

The right way to track all your activities in the tech and innovation scene.

You work with growing tech companies?

You need a simple and effective CRM tool to track progress of your work with each case and simultaneously collaborate online with your venture team.

Stay on top of each stage in the process.
And in sync with whole team

Keep track of [startups] in each stage. The pipeline is designed to follow the whole process flawlessly. Moreover, the whole pipeline is synced across your team and prevent any mess.

Automatic case profiles with constant information updates

Access to case profiles of companies in pipeline with accurate data from our massive database. We keep the profiles up-to-date and constantly update the changing information automatically.

Power of AI fused in your CRM.
Discover startups you didn't even think about

Our AI scans through the database to find the startups that are similar to case companies in your pipeline. This provides you the whole picture of what exists in the space you're interested in.

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