Innovation CRM

One-stop for tracking all your activities in the innovation and tech scene.

- You work with tech companies (startups, scaleups, innovations)?

– But missing a simple and effective CRM tool to track progress of your work with each case and simultaneously collaborate online with your venture team?

Analyzing data on 200.000+ tech companies in Europe and North America.

Due to the data approach, we are proud to claim the highest accuracy and match-rate on the global market. 74% of all introduced tech companies are confirmed to be great matches by our corporate partners.

4x more accurate than any other global solution.

Our tech research is fast and accurate because it combines manual data validation with advanced AI/ML algorithms. In total, our in-house data experts analyze 150 data points per tech company.

Your dedicated venture agent.

Apart from the extensive database and AI-driven data analysis, we offer strategic consulting and insights, that are shaped upon decades of in-house experience in the corporate venture scene.

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