Frequently Asked Questions

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#1 How does the collaboration work?

Defined by years of partnerships with corporates across Europe, our collaboration structure is very straight-forward and is aimed at the highest delivery value. 

Firstly, we define your corporate goals and needs upon which the research criteria is built. Then our in-house data expert team is working on the project to deliver quality results fast and in a resource-efficient way. During the work, occasional follow-up discussion may occur to clarify research criteria or make alternation suggestions. After the work has been done, we organize the final meeting to present the research results, discuss strategic recommendations and discuss next steps. 

#2 How much time does the collaboration take from our corporate lead/team?

The whole process takes only 1 working day per decision-maker from your company. 

You will be assigned a dedicated data expert from Catapult team to lead the process, hence from your team it requires only:

  • 2-3 hours for an interview-based workshop to define the research focus area;
  • Max 1 hour for ad-hoc research updates and clarifications;
  • 2-3 hour for the final research meeting (presenting research results, strategic recommendations and next steps)

#3 What is the pricing model?

The pricing depends on the complexity of each partnership agreement. It is shaped upon the following criteria:

–> RESEARCH MODEL:  (1) Yearly Partnership with 3 research rounds OR (2) Project Partnership with 1 research round.

–> RESEARCH AREA: (1) Europe, (2) North America OR (3) Both.

–> RESEARCH OUTCOMES (as an example):

  • Focus area market research & analysis;
  • CVC activities research & analysis;
  • Landscape of tech solutions and shortlist of best companies;
  • Deep validation and analysis of tech companies for partnerships, investments and/or acquisitions;
  • Facilitation of early venture operations;
  • Competing tech solution/company analysis.

#4 How fast can we get the final deliverable?

Catapult conducts the research by analyzing data with AI/ML and manual validation, which normally takes 4-10 weeks of time depending on the complexity of the project and criteria set by the corporate partner. 

However, getting the final deliverable faster is also possible upon special agreement. 

#5 Who should be involved in the process from our side?

To achieve the highest impact and gain most value from this partnership, we recommend to engage key decision-makers from start to finish. Involving key decision-makers that operate on strategic levels and oversee corporate venture activities (like new business ventures, partnerships with tech companies and innovations, acquisitions and investment targets etc.) will also ensure that the research results are taken for further discussion and concrete next steps are built. 

Naturally, for the industry-specific targets, some deep technical expertise would be very valuable in defining research criteria. 

#6 Life after Catapult.

You have received your final research results that revealed the fastest growing tech verticals in your industry or connected you to the most promising tech companies in Europe and US. What happens next?

Catapult is here to serve your needs and help your business grow. Hence, we will be there to define a new research criteria, deal with communications between your team and introduced tech companies, advice (strategically) on the next steps or launch the new project with different industry-focus or targets. Aiming at acquisitions and investments? – We’ve got you covered (having had extensive experience in guiding corporates through the process).