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Our database consists of over 2 million tech & innovation companies from around the world.

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Only 2 million?

You might think that 2 million is a small amount of companies. However, this is precision at its finest. Our unique approach is combining state-of-the art AI and the expertise of our data analysts. This way we get to focus only on the relevant companies, eliminating the extra noise.

Our database doesn’t consist of the world’s largest corporations purely based on their revenue or maturity. Instead it focuses on companies that are innovative and provide solutions to modern day problems.

The database is also constantly growing as more companies are found around the world.

Where do we get it from?

The data in our database is collected from various global company data pools, global patent data pools* as well as crawling the web.

*Global patent data pools are only utilised on the research side

How do we get it?

Our secret recipe consists of multiple data collection methods. We combine the quantitative research done by our tech with the qualitative research done by our team.

What do we analyse?

We analyse up to 150 data points per company from various data sources. That’s about 200-300 million data points on over 2 million companies. These data points include everything from investment activities to detailed information about the team.

How can you utilise our database?

You can make use of our database in two different ways:

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Innopipe platform

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