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Data Science Trainee!

Language requirements: fluent in English

Additional languages seen as an advantage!

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We are looking for an ambitious and results-oriented data science trainee to join our research team!

If you're eager to work in a growth-company (fast-paced, low-hierarchy, and at times chaotic) environment, motivated to experiment and grow, and excited to serve the world's biggest companies, this is for you. Keep reading!


Catapult is a fast-growing company, a pro in the international tech & innovation field.

We are an ambitious and fun team consisting of business minds, techies, researchers, data analysts, marketing gurus, and visionaries.

At Catapult we help big organisations and corporates across Europe with data-driven research results on the tech & innovation markets based on the companies’ development needs.

On top of this, we equip these organisations with our sophisticated SaaS platform within tech & innovation, when our team’s consultative works are not needed.

The position

Catapult’s second product line – Innopipe is a SaaS platform used by multiple world-class organisations for innovation management.

In this position you will be an integral part of our highly efficient Innopipe platform team, helping us gather valuable data points on the best startups in the world, and in the process, learning key technical elements of the beloved, Innopipe platform.

In addition you will help manage the database consisting of over 2M+ companies and millions of data points.

You will receive mentorship and support from our team – growing alongside Catapult! This internship is based in Helsinki, Finland with flexible remote work opportunities.


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What you get

Flexibility in working remotely
Friendly, supportive, low-hierarchy, culturally-diverse team
Mentorship and support from the team
Development Team Days 4 times a year
An office located in the Helsinki centre
Learning opportunities for professional growth

Catapulter's DNA

Diversity in everything

We take pride in being a diverse team (check out the map below to see what cultures are represented in Catapult)! Diversity comes in different shapes – we also love leveraging various opinions and styles. Sparring (intellectually!) is always welcomed.

Trust and transparency

We put immense trust in every Catapulter. Each team member has the ownership over their own product/project. Transparency, open communication, inclusion and the ability to impact decisions is what we build on at Catapult. 

The culture of experimentation

Our team members are encouraged and applauded for testing and experimenting. In constant search for more optimal ways to do things, our team is given the freedom to go through the constant try-fail-learn cycle!

Made in Finland, born to be global.

Our previous interns

Pedro Luna

I learned useful business softwares and skills that I otherwise wouldn’t acquire in the school, my internship at Catapult was a completely enriching experience from beginning to end.

Amy Pham

My 3-month-internship at Catapult meant a lot to me. Not only did I have a chance to learn and practice so many marketing tools and skills but I also got to work with the most passionate and talented team ever. So proud to be a part of the Catapult family!

Jonathan Lewis

I learned so much during my 3 month internship. I think the biggest reason for this is the culture of experimentation that can be seen across the company. I also received a great amount of support throughout my internship and even long after it ended!

All three work for Catapult to this day.

Want to join the team?

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