Case study

Education technology market research

This research was conducted for a Finnish university. For this research we investigated the education technology market to assist in the modernisation and digitalisation of the university's educational service offering.

Research challenge for edtech

The challenge

The modernisation and digitalisation of the university’s educational service offering¬†

The process

An overview of the 8 weeks research process

The outcome

What we delivered for the customer

The challenge

The university was looking for solutions that help with the modernisation and digitalisation of their educational service offering, which can serve both degree and continuous learning programs. The topic was broken down into 5 specific interest areas:

1. Admin tech

Advanced administration technologies for student information systems and student performance analytics

2. Evaluation tech

New technologies for assessment, evaluation and exam processes, new ways of evaluating performance and conduct

3. Guidance tech

Technologies to be used in the student guidance process through the entire education path, from student prospects to alumni

4. Online courses

New technologies for online course platforms or education design programs

5. Platform tech

Technologies related to new learning platforms, social platforms, digitised curriculum planning and customisation

The process

Week 1

The definition of the interest and development area for research.

Week 2
Kickoff workshop

An interview-based workshop with the client in order to define the research focus area. The research team builds & verifies the research description & criteria.

Weeks 3-7
Research implementation

The Catapult research team gathers, analyses & validates data based on the set criteria. The check-ups for updates and clarifications are set to steer the research forward.

Week 8
Research delivery

Presentation of the comprehensive research results.

Client feedback

from two people involved in the project


“Impressive knowhow, fast response, professional work.”


“Excellent customer orientation and results”

How we narrowed down the scope during the research process


Over 2 Million companies

We operate with a data pool of +2M tech & innovation companies. All two million companies cannot be relevant to one client. So we start reducing the noice by filtering the data pool.

Our database doesn’t consist of the world’s largest corporations purely based on their revenue or maturity. Instead it focuses on companies that are innovative and provide solutions to modern day problems.

The database is also constantly growing as more companies are found around the world.

Company database Catapult


1252 companies

Of the +2 million companies, we could find 1252 relevant companies that operate around the interest area. This was done by creating a detailed search query and by filtering companies from the chosen geographical area as well as including and excluding certain kinds of companies.

Example keywords include:


103 companies

Creating a longlist requires more detailed mining. For this we apply natural language processing (NLP) & keywords to further filter the results, narrowing the list down to 103 relevant solutions on a long list.


12 companies

With the use of feedback and discussion from update meetings, we managed to narrow the list down to 29 relevant solutions.

However, only the 12 most relevant cases were selected for presentation.

The outcome

business tech and Innovation market research

Market overview

Investment landscape and general information about the market

Investment breakdown

Breakdown of the investment landscape

Analysis on the investment landscape

Investors analysis

Comprehensive analysis of the top 4 investors from each geographical focus area

Find a solution for your business problem

Market segmentation

5 major segments in the edtech market

Client feedback

from two people involved in the project


“Professional, customer-driven service, value for money.”




With the widespread adoption of software-based services and innovations, education has fallen under the B2C umbrella, creating several novel offerings and deploying new learning models. Additionally, COVID-19 has had a strong impact on the education market. It has fueled investment opportunities speeding up the digital transformation of players in this field. 

The project brought a comprehensive picture of the education technology market as well as a deep-dive into some interest areas based on the university’s specific needs. Consequently, this accelerates the university in digitalising and developing its educational service offerings, which serve in both degree and continuous learning programs. Ultimately, this will improve the overall experience at the university, including teaching, studying, research, etc.

It’s a great honour to be a part of this journey towards the modernisation and digitalisation of the education market!

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