2 Must-read eBooks for Corporate Leaders

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These resources have been written and summarized by our in-house business thinkers, data analysts and growth hackers based on decades of experience in the startup, tech and innovation field as well as collaboration and discussions with +200 industry-leading corporates across Europe

3 Key Elements of Corporates That

Attract the Best Startups and Tech


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The best startups and tech companies are like coders. You don’t choose them – they choose you-.

Exploring partnership with new tech and innovation players: startups, scale-ups and growth companies? – Great! You landed to the right place.

Having discussed and collaborated with +200 industry-leading corporates across Europe, our business thinkers and data analysts at Catapult have summarized essential elements, structures and attitudes that drive growth amongst the most startup-attractive corporates.

The level of digital transformation maturity and readiness to partner with startups vary a lot from corporate to corporate. However, there are some practical steps (short-term and long-term) that can be taken to turn a large company into the most attractive collaboration partner for the best technology companies and startups worldwide.

This eBook provides a summary of those elements. All based on decades of experience and work with corporates in venture collaboration, innovation and tech scene.

11 best sources to find startups and new tech innovations

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According to Forbes Insights, 77% of CEOs are concerned about whether their organization is keeping up with new technologies.

A growing number of corporates are facing a challenge of generating disruption, whether disrupting core business or expanding into a new business segment. As the tech scene has dramatically changed over the past decade, many corporations choose not to develop new offerings and technologies in-house, but rather explore partnerships with new tech and innovation players: startups, scale-ups and growth companies.

The problem is not to find good innovations or startups. The problem is to find those that can have the biggest impact on your business.

This e-book gives an overview on the most feasible ways to find a startup as well as provides a comprehensive comparison of these solutions.

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