Conclusions for 2018 & Announcement for 2019!

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The Year of Great Results!

Concluding this year, we would like to share our biggest accomplishments and learnings with you – our partners, readers and colleagues. 2018, like for many, was a year of contrasts – high growth brought new exciting challenges and with it new opportunities. Pursuing our mission to help companies step up the digital game and build success stories in the world of innovation, we’ve been constantly improving our processes, developing our state-of-the-art AI algorithms and broadening our understanding of the market and startup scene. More ambitious than ever, we are ready to catapult into the year 2019!

Catapult in 2018

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growth x 2

team x 1.5

clients x 2 

12178 startups scanned by catapult team & ai

158 validated startups introduced to clients

52 startup-corporate meetings ->

36 of which are going forward 

Launching Market Research

In response to the high demand for in-depth market understanding, Catapult is launching an additional service – market research! An extensive data-driven market research will equip corporates with in-depth understanding of the startup landscape and address the following topics in the industry-specific domain:  

  • Market insights of the most valuable business segments;
  • What are the biggest growing trends relevant to specific industry;
  • What services have generated most traction and investments;
  • Insights into investment operations;
  • What type of startups other industry-specific companies are investing in;
  • Market opportunity landscape;
  • Crystallizing new business opportunities based on market insights;
  • What services / innovations could be utilized; 
  • What services could be offered to your consumers and business clients;
  • The most interesting growth companies in 2018.

Great Teams Build

Great Products!

New Year, New Plans!

2019 will be a crucial year for companies undergoing digital transformation. On the verge of setting your next year’s KPIs and ambitious goals, start a conversation about digitalization, new tech and innovations already today!

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